I’ve Been Robbed!



READ ON . . .

1. Last week I wrote a check to a beauty salon after I got my hair cut.

2. Today I received a $20.00 overdraft charge to my account. That could never be correct, so I called the bank for an explanation.

3. When I wrote my check to the salon, they offered to ‘stamp’ the check with their company name. However, they forgot to stamp the check and just left that spot blank. The check was put in their night deposit in that condition.

4. When the bank processers began clearing checks, that mistake automatically triggered the computer to enter a charge of $999,999.00 to my account, which then assessed the $20.00 overdraft charge. (No, I didn’t have a million dollars in my account to cover it.)

5. The fellow at my bank told me that people don’t realize that those store stamps cannot be ‘read’ by the computer check scanner, nor will checks go through properly if the check recipient is left blank.

6. So, in future, I need to always WRITE the name of the check recipient, in ink, to avoid this problem. Everything turned out fine in the end, the $20.00 NSF charge was reversed and the check was put through properly.


Alternate titles for this blog: “Wow, that was some kind of haircut!” ~ “Every which way but loose!” ~ “There’s always something!” ~


6 responses to this post.

  1. You mean you DON’T have a million dollars!?! I am done trying to get into the will. ;)


  2. Haha that’s hilarious (only cause it all worked out fine) who would have thought!


  3. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 9:31 am

    How strange! I am glad all worked out, but still, one would think banks would warn us all about the stamp method! ps, can we have a new picture of your hair?


  4. Hello 911 –
    I would like to report an impersonator.
    Someone is putting responses on this blog
    using my name. Who could it be?


  5. I admit to submitting comments posing as my brother-in-law (he hates the name, “Joey Bear”, so of course this is the name I must post under when I am posing as him.) but I had nothing to do with posting under your name.


  6. I know it wasn’t you Heidi, as my grey cat avatar is up on the post. That means it has to be one of my boys who knows my password to the account. I’m guessing it’s James or Cena! Fess up or I’ll call the Blog Police!


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