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The Raymond U-12 Soccer Association Champions! The final game for the championships was held recently in Raymond, Alberta. There were three teams playing in the finals: Raymond, Stirling and Magrath. In the finals of the season it came down to the RAYMOND COUGARS playing the Town of Stirling Thunderbirds.


The coach put in Austin as both forward and defense positions during the play-offs. Such a versatile soccer player. A super exciting game! The score was tied 1-1 with 2 minutes to go. As the ball moved down the field, agressively toward the goal post . . .

! ! ! SCORE ! ! ! RAYMOND WINS ! ! !


Here is a picture of the team, notice both boys and girls. Austin is in the blue shorts. The winning prizes, besides the glory and bragging rights, included a regulation Adidas soccer ball and movie tickets. Of course there was an end of the season party full of fun, games and lotza great food. They even made nearly the whole page in the REGIONAL NEWSPAPER! What a terrific day in every way! Congratulations to the whole team for a great 2007 season.


Needless to say, Hannah wanted to be in the middle of all the action and James had to go and bring her off the field several times. One of these days we will have another star sports player, a fiesty girl, no doubt!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Austin has played Little League baseball since he was 7 years old. He took to the game right from the beginning and has distinguished himself every year since, giving it a go in nearly every position. This year he played in the Capital Little League (11s & 12s) on the COLORADO ROCKIES team. He excelled in both pitcher and short stop positions.


Austin was named the recipient of the CY YOUNG AWARD for best pitcher in the league. Austin is absolutely magic to watch playing baseball and the fans go wild for him, shouting so loud when he is in play, either outfield or infield.


The end of the year playoffs brought the Rockies to third place. It was a round robin tournament that pitted all the teams in the finals, days full of exciting games. With wonderful coaches, who really inspire the true spirt of the game, it’s no wonder the boys have such a great time.


On the last day, there were trophies, pins and a fun party for all the teams, their families and friends. Hip hip hooray to the whole team for a great 2007 season. (That’s Austin in the back row, 4th from the right.)


Austin has been named to the Capital League 11-12 All-Stars Team, which season begins next week. Not sure yet what position he will play. They will play the All-Stars from Centralia first. If they win that tournament, it will be on to Eastern Washington finals, then the Western USA Finals and if that all goes well, they will be off to play the Eastern USA Finals. How far can he go?

Alternate titles for this blog: “Blue Ribbon Boys!” ~ “Where’s Grand Slam Dan?” ~ “Pele & Ichiro, Watch Out!”


6 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, two such handsome boys and so atheltic and talented! Great job Austin and Austin, you’re hard work and practice definitely paid off!


  2. So fun. I love going to watch baseball and soccer games. Both are so cute and all suited up. Great job Guys!


  3. My first thought was, “Who is this other Austin?” I felt stupid that I did not recognize him right away.
    Congratulations Austin and Austin!


  4. Wait a sec. Same deal. Who is Austin Lee? Did I miss something? I still don’t recognize him! Regardless, congrats to both boys! Both wonderful accomplishments!


  5. Oops, sorry for the confusion. I thought everyone knew who the ‘other’ Austin was. Austin J Lee is the son of Dave’s fiance, Lisa. They all live in North Vancouver, BC. You can see that Austin is half Asian, Korean to be precise, a beautiful combo. That’s Lisa’s ex-husband, Martin Lee, in the group baseball photo, back row, second from the right. Since Austin has been part of my life for for over five years, I just assumed that everyone knew who he was. Austin is one awesome kid, and I am crazy about him from top to bottom.


  6. Thanks for the clarification. I knew that Lisa had a son but I’ve never seen a pic and hadn’t heard the name. I knew about him though right ;) ? Really great accomplishments for them both!


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