Summer Favs


Boston Legal Reruns
Corn on the Cob
Reading in my Garden
Sweet Jasmine
Ice Cream
Movies Galore


Alternate titles for this blog: “Family & friends first!” ~ “Travel second!” ~ “All adventures third!”


6 responses to this post.

  1. Family picnics, kids playing in the water, SummerFest, the fair, Motorcycle rides with Gary.


  2. Watermelon, gardening, Costco, more watermelon while I have a break from gardening, ice cream, jumping on the trampoline, jumping with Hannah on the trampoline because she loves it so much! Costco ice cream (soft twist cones – so good). Oh, and I almost forgot, LEMONADE, frozen lemonade slushes are good too. But the best thing is that it’s hot and sunny. I love being out in the HOT SUN!


  3. Raspberry lemonade, cool summer nights, our porch swing, family walks, skirts worn with bare legs, flip flops, ice water on a hot day, trampolines with the sprinkler underneath, Summer days with the kids, no school so bedtime is laid back and easy, Granny’s front porch, 4th of July family fireworks, the Fair, BBQ’s, cute sundresses for my girls, shorts and fun colored t-shirts for my boys, rainbow snow/shaved ice, and family coming to visit.


  4. Air conditioning, swimming, the Fair, sandals, watermelon, picnics at the park, scooter rides.


  5. I am so glad to hear that another family member loves Watermelon. My Anniversary, Swimming, 4th of July, BBQS, Summer nights, Starry nights, HOT WEATHER, the park, flowers, watering my tomato plants, walks, campfires, roasting marshmallows, s’mores, the kids getting all of their energy out on the trampoline, tin foil dinners, dutch oven cooking, my kids home for the summer. My list goes on.


  6. How did I forget campfires, roasting marshmallows, dutch oven cooking and tin foil dinners? Those are some of my favorite faves!


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