Paula, Dena Rae & Moi



Last November 2006, my friend Dena Rae Sparrow and I went to Savannah, Georgia on a PAULA DEEN tour. As you know Paula is one of the cooking stars on The Food Network and I am a huge fan. We had the most awesome time with Paula, Michael Groover, her husband, and her brother, Bubba Hiers. We ate at “The Lady and Sons” and “Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House” which were both amazing.

Paula did a cooking demonstration and then an autograph signing session in the conference portion of the restaurant while we enjoyed a buffet lunch. I took a suitcase full of books and magazines to have both Paula and Michael sign. Hopefully they will all sell real BIG on eBay during this upcoming Christmas season.


The group toured Old Savannah on a trolley car, strolled down through the waterfront, where pirate ships once docked and slaves and cotton were traded. We also went on several walking tours of the city, one was a “Haunted Ghost Tour” surrounding all the mysteries and voodoo stories of Old Savannah. It was fascinating to learn so much more about the history of the area during those early America times.


We ate hoe cakes, collard greens, creamy grits, fresh seafood and lots of other southern-style foods. I’ve had my fill of southern cooking for a long time, but it was very interesting to give everything a try . . . at least once.


One afternoon we paddled down the Savannah River on the “Georgia Queen,” listening to jazz musicians on board and seeing the businesses who base their livelihood on the shores of this mighty historical river. I was happily singing all the songs I learned in grade school (before we moved to Canada). All from the slave days, which were called “Sorrow Songs” and I loved learning them in school. Songs like: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” ~ “Swanee River” ~ “Nobody Knows The Sorrows I’ve Seen” ~ “Old Black Joe” and others.


And another afternoon we visited the lighthouse on Tybee Island, viewed both Revolutionary War and Civil War sites and also walked along the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. That was the first time Dena Rae had ever been to the Atlantic Ocean so it was a real event. There were so many other places and things that we saw but just too much to recount everything in this blog.


I’ve saved one of the best till last . . . a tour of the old Southern Mansions in Savannah. This one is where Hollywood filmed “Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil” and the owners conducted tours during the day. It was so amazing, I loved seeing where the movie was filmed, made it all seem so real. The events actually occurred in this house and the family still live there full time. It was over the top!


Dena Rae and I had a really super great vacation in Old Savannah and we had so much fun during the week we were there. There was also lots of free time for our own exploring, away from the tour group, so we took full advantage and covered so many of the other historic sights in our rental car. We are thinking that our next trip just might be to New Orleans — just no telling where we might end up next.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini visit to Old Savannah!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Do You Do Voo Doo?” ~ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” ~ “It Ain’t All About the Cookin” ~


4 responses to this post.

  1. Paula Deen wasn’t the highlight? Not the fan you claim to be. ;)


  2. We were only with Paula and company for two of the seven days we were there. I tried to convince Paula to take me with them, but alas they were away on a book signing tour without me.


  3. Sounds like a blast. It’s funny because we used to get the Food Network and I watched her life story which was super interesting. Sounds like a fun trip, I’ll have to put it on my future excursions list…. far far in the future excursions.


  4. The total fun way. There are so many fun things to learn. Sounds like a winner trip.


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