R. I. P.

The BAD NEWZ is that my Husqvarna 2000 Model #6430 sewing machine is dead. I bought it used in the mid-1970’s (what was then a state-of-the-art machine). In fact, I traded it for our entire food storage supply of TVP (textured vegetable protein a.k.a. soybean protein granules) plus a bunch of $$$cash$$$. (TVP is just disgusting, but very popular at that time. I was so glad to be rid of it, but that’s another story.)

Oh the jeans I repaired on that machine! And lots of cute toys, blankets, clothes and accessories for our Cabbage Patch Dolls, snuggy quilts, Halloween costumes, Christmas pajamas and lots, lots more. Don’t forget the Cub and Scout badges, nevermind the campfire blankets! I even used to make all the boys’ T-shirts (yes, matching!) when knit fabric became available and popular. It was a workhorse of a machine and I really loved it. My boys learned to sew on that machine, although I doubt any of them would ever admit it now.

Unfortunately, over the years of my sewing machine being put in and out of storage, with extreme changes of temperature, moisture and no regular care, the damage is now extreme requiring $600.00 for repairs. The insides have seized up, mechanical parts are cracked and hardly worth repairing, especially when I can replace it with a newie for that price.

The GOOD NEWS is that I have stripped all the parts, cams, bobbins, attachments and everything that is possible to sell on eBay. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the parts are worth a whole lot, especially if sold individually, so I am busily getting them ready to list very soon.

With my windfall I am going to buy another sewing machine. Not sure exactly which brand or model I should buy, so I am putting a request out to everyone for your suggestions. I mostly want to do repairs, dolly clothes for Hannah and Emily, pjs and quilts . . . HEY, wait a minute, I’m back where I started! How great is that?

So, will everyone please let me know what you suggest I look for when purchasing my new machine. Pros and cons. I have been around to various sewing shops looking at the latest and greatest machines, however I’m not sure I need all the features and doodads for the type of sewing I want to do. How do the new computerized machines compare to the old mechanical machines? What features are undisputable and what are a waste of money?

! ! ! YOUR HELP WANTED ! ! !

Alternate titles for this post: “That’s what you get for chasing all over the world!” ~ “Finally, grandchildren to sew for!” ~ “Look at the eBay bids I’m getting for this old stuff?”


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  1. My machine died, too, and I have only had it since Guam. Fourteen years sounds like a long time but compared to how long your machine lasted it makes my machine look like a sissy. I don’t have a clue as to what brands are good or what features are good since my machine was a bit dated and doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles that todays machines have. That whole drop in bobbin feature sure sounds great but I wouldn’t know. Heather is the sewing expert that I would trust.


  2. I put my old machine body on Freecycle-Olympia last night. A woman e-mailed, she had just bought the identical machine at the Goodwill and needed some odd parts. Julie came this morning and picked my machine up. She just e-mailed to say that the exact internal parts she needed were still in my old machine, so she was thrilled and so was I. Now that’s a ‘win-win.’ I love Freecycle.


  3. I dont sew as much as I would like but I do love my machine it is a Brother I know it didnt cost much. It is SO easy to use. I dont have tons of patience when it comes to sewing so this machine was the right one for me.


  4. Our internet was down for a few days, but I’m back. I have to say that I am a HUGE fan of Brother sewing machines. I am onto my second Brother, and this time I got a computerized one, but no screen or anything, but it has a lot of stitches, drop in bobbin (a must!) and it’s the easiest most user friendly machine. I am looking to upgrade soon to the Brother emroidery machine. All of the comments on http://www.epinions.com were in favor of the things I was looking for in that machine, so it’s next on my list. This machine is still running like a champ, in fact Mel and I both have the same ones, we’re twinners eh! I just about everything on my machine now, in fact I can;t live without it, I just love it! And when I upgrade to a newer serger, I will most likely be getting the Brother serger as well. I just like them. But be and sure read epinions reviews on any sewing machine, it helped me alot to steer clear from some loser machines.


  5. Listen to Heather. We both really like our machine. I have teh same one she does.


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