Austin Arthur Olaf Olson

My grandson, Austin, received a guitar for Christmas last year and was thrilled. He had always wanted to learn to play the guitar and now is really enjoying his classes. He has a great teacher, Foster, and he goes to his lessons, practices and has caught on very quickly. Rock on!

Last night Austin called and played a couple of his songs for me on the telephone. What a thrill for his Grandma in OlyWa. Another night he called to tell me that he had made the supper all by himself and then exclaimed over the menu. And his soccer games, activities and schoolwork . . . I love all the phone calls about just anything Austin has on his mind that he wants to share with me. He is a totally great kid and I am crazy over him.


Austin will be sealed to James and Cena’s family at the end of June in the Cardston Temple. What a wonderful day that will be for our whole family.


Grandma is so proud of you Austin. I love your bubbly laugh, your eagerness to help, your zest for learning, your fun personality and your “can-do” attitude. We all love you Austin and are so glad we found you and you found us!

Alternate endings for this blog: “Grandma, I want to make brownies but all we have is olive oil in the pantry.” ~ “Grandma, look at this spoon, it’s sterling silver, it might be worth something!” ~ “Grandma, I got a job mowing lawns for the Summer. I’m going to call my company, That Kid Down the Block Lawn Care!”


4 responses to this post.

  1. What exciting news! Austin sure sounds like a great kid.


  2. The Cardston Temple is so pretty! Wish we could hear some guitar playing.


  3. I hope that someday we will be able to meet you. I’m with Mel I would like to hear you play also.


  4. So much great news for James and Cena! A new baby and now a temple sealing for Austin! I love it. And Austin is such a handsome boy, he is definitely in the right family


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