Which Is More Important To You?


What would you want the most . . .

1. Someone who loved you, but DID NOT understand you?


2. Someone who merely liked you, but DID understand you?

Share your reason/s why!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Where in heaven is Freud?” ~ “You mean I have to think?” ~ “I’ll take vanilla!”


7 responses to this post.

  1. When you say ‘did not understand you’, do you mean this literally, like I’m living with a Chinaman but he thinks I’m cute? Or do you mean like Men are from Mars Women are from Venus understanding? I need some more clarification on this before I can answer, but I’m also not one to settle so I’m waitin’ for option #3 Is there an option #3? This glass is looking mighty half empty ;)


  2. Ok, let me try to make this clearer than mud.

    When I say ‘understand you’ I mean do they get your jokes, know what motivates you, shares common bonds with you, knows the books you like to read or the movies you enjoy watching. Or what makes you cry, laugh, sad, happy or angry, etc. Overall just what makes you tick. No stalking Chinaman allowed, just someone who has a real understanding of who YOU are personally inside.

    Obviously, the ideal would be to have BOTH, someone who loves you and understands where you’re coming from, but that doesn’t always equate in relationships.

    And for this exercise, you are asked to choose one or the other.


  3. I like #1 because what is better than LOVE? I think to LOVE someone you have to have at least some understanding of the person. What wouldnt you do for the one you love?


  4. My first thought, “I’m already married to number one!” but when you clarified he doesn’t fit. Since I already thought that I was happily married to number one I will go with that one.


  5. I’ll weigh in on this one as well. I got thinking about all this because of a personal set of circumstances of late. I have come to this conclusion and it is really quite easy overall. I would choose love. I really don’t give a hoot about not being understood as I’m kinda used to that. But I definitely love to be loved. Sorta like unconditional love — I don’t get you completely, but I love you anyway.

    Important to keep this all in mind as you are raising your children. They might present a trait or behavior to you and you’ll be scratching your head wondering where it all came from. Remember, real love is unwavering whether you understand them or not.


  6. Posted by Holly on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    I thought a lot about this. I had many companions on my mission that I did not understand, but we loved each other and were able to get lots of work done together as a team despite our differences. Before my mission, I would never have choosen to hang out with some of these sisters, but we developed a very strong bond through our love of the Lord and each other. I also have a good friend from College that TOTALLY understands me, but we have a very surface relationship. If I were to pick a relationship, I prefer #1. There is definitely more satisfaction in that type of relationship.


  7. I too pick #1. I don’t think Craig will ever totally understand me, but the fact that he really does try means more to me than anything. And I know he loves me, which makes my little girl heart sing.


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