Call Me Crazy !



Yesterday morning I spent my time ironing. I worked on blouses, pillowcases, and other table linens while I chatted away with my friends Kathy and Bill. Ironing brings a certain peace to me, but most of all, the satisfaction of seeing an item brought back to crisp loveliness. I know there are a lot of other ways to bring an extra measure of peace and satisfaction into our lives, but this is one of mine.

I remember the day I first learned to iron. My Mother was ironing up one of my school blouses and I began to explain a few “improvements” that I wanted her to do in the future. (A huge mistake!) I can still see Mom standing at her ironing board when she let me know that it was “high time” I began to do my own ironing. I started that very day.

You will never believe that I even ironed the little sleepers and all the outfits of my babies. Then when they were little boys, I even ironed their undershirts and underpants. Not a compulsive act, but actually rather typical of other ‘dedicated’ mothers at that time. I can’t say that these items being ironed lasted much past three boys because of a revolutionary new product that came into popularity in the 1970’s . . .


Polyester came roaring in and changed the way we did our family’s laundry. Ironing quickly faded from normalcy. In fact that is the way that polyester was popularized, by advertisements touting that there was no need to iron “ever again.” This chant appealed to women everywhere.

A couple of years ago, my sister, Lorayne, brought me back a terrific present when she came home from a trip to Canada. A beautiful ROWENTA iron, professional model. I loved it and am still using it today. It makes such a difference to all chores when you have great equipment to do your work.

When Andy was home recently, he exclaimed, “Oh Mom, nobody irons anymore!”

I do.

Alternative titles for this blog: “Who really notices anyway?” ~ “Spray Starch or Sizing: Let’s Discuss” ~ “World Peace. Have they tried ironing?”


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  1. Posted by prohaskaceskyterriers on Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    I start getting my pile together for when you come to visit.


  2. Sorry that last comment was really me. Forgot to log out of the other.


  3. I actually love to load the dishwasher and fold my laundry. Different ways of organizing mundane things around the house is relaxing to me.


  4. I like sorting the laundry and washing it. Folding and putting away has become less fun since the kids dressers are upstairs now. Baby Gray always seems to be asleep when I remember to put the clothes away so my clothes usually stay folded (and sometimes unfolded) in a basket for too long. I also like loading the dishwasher but I don’t like putting the dishes away. I need to find something I like doing from beginning to end.


  5. I toolike to load, but hate to unload. And I love folding clothes and getting them in piles to put away, but I have the same problem of napping children. So inevitably the piles either get knocked over or stepped on in short order. I need to come up with a better system.


  6. And I also find ironing pretty relaxing, but I don’t do very much of it, I just don’t have a lot to iron.


  7. Sorry, the ‘Heidi’s sister’ part is from when i was commenting on another site


  8. I would rather unload dishes than load, go figure. And there isn’t anything relaxing about dishes or laundry for me. Rob irons his own shirts for work because I only do ironing for Sunday stuff (on Sunday morning). In fact, once I gave him a gift certificate for “5 shirts ironed by me.” And then he knew how much I really love him.


  9. I need to iron more. I am lazy. I try to get iron free clothing knowing that I dont iron much.


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