Cruising w/ Andy in Las Vegas

At the Top of The Stratosphere !

Andy and I recently had a whole lot of fun together spending a week in Las Vegas! We stayed at a Worldmark Resort timeshare that was lovely.

I hadn’t seen Andy since last September 2006. He has been chefing on the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship “Pride of America.” (See blog below.) Getting this time together after so long was just plain fun.

Circus, Circus
Great for Family-Type Fun!

We rented a blue 2007 Ford Mustang convertible and cruised the strip daily. Mostly at night as the lights and the crowds were so fun to see.

The MGM Grand Hotel
Andy was a Chef here in 1998
at The Coyote Cafe

We saw one of the two golden highrise apartments featured on “The Apprentice” that Donald Trump is building. If you have an extra $million$ to throw around you can buy one. We decided against it!

Treasure Island Hotel
A Great Pirate Show
Changing it’s name to T I !

Caesar’s Palace
At the Forum

The Stratosphere
We went up all the way!

We won tickets to go and see the AMERICAN ALL-STARS show at the Stratosphere. At our table, coincidentally, were all Canadians – a couple from Ontario and three from Langley, B.C. We laughed and talked with them until the show got underway.

Celebrity imitators were Elvis (of course), Britney Spears (who came down into the audience and made a big fuss of Andy), Tim McGraw (for some country flavor), Christina Aguilara (who was awesome) and last, but not least, Michael Jackson. When MJ saw this performance he said “This guy dances better than me!”

Harrah’s Casino
One of the Original Las Vegas Hotels
Not quite as flashy as the newies.

The weather was beautiful most of the time, however a good windstorm came up the day before we left and knocked the place apart! Needless to say we put the car top up real fast!

The Monte Carlo Hotel

The Mirage Hotel

The Billboard at The Mirage
Cirque du Soleil + A Beatles Review

We chased around shopping at Bellz Center, people watching, relaxing, going to some shows, drivng by where we used to live, finding neat restaurants, and everything in between. A grand time was had by all.

Wynn Hotel ~ Las Vegas’ Newest

The Excalibur Hotel

These are really the only pictures that turned out half decent. I was rapidly clicking the camera as Andy drove along. Of course there were loads more hotels like “New York, New York,” “Paris,” “The Rio,” etc. but the pictures were too blurry to even post.


Andy smiling at the top of the World Stratosphere.

Alternate titles for this post . . . “Senior Flaunts New Eyebrows in Sin City,” “Out on the Town with Andy & Mom,” “Only Camels Can Survive in this Desert,” “Anyone have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card?”


10 responses to this post.

  1. What a fun trip, eh. And I absolutely LOVE your hair!


  2. Wow! Who is the hottie is in the first picture?!! I am SO loving your new look! Incredible! And how fun to get to spend time with Andy and in Vegas! What a way to kick off your retirement! You really know how to have a great time!!!


  3. I am so glad that you had a Wonderful reunion and vacation.


  4. Way cute, Auntie! You look way younger with your new haircut.


  5. One of your alternate titles should have been “Gorgeous Retireee’s New Look All The Buzz In The Family!”. Seriously, everyone is loving it!


  6. Thanks to everyone for your sweet words. Stay tuned for sweeping changes over the next while.


  7. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Holy Cow, Vegas! What fun. So glad you are back home, let’s get together soon, shall we?


  8. Posted by Juanita on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Hi dolly,

    I love the pictures and all the fun! Todd and I were in Vegas in January, so it brought back all the good times we had, too! I love you!


  9. There’s nothin like Sin City. So much to do and all of those cheap buffets…sign me up!
    Glad that you had a fun time Auntie!


  10. Fun. Mark and I went to Vegas a while back and we had a lot of fun too! We didn’t make it to the Stratosphere….Mark and I are both not big fans of heights anyway. Our favorite place to pig out in Vegas was in the Bellagio, in a place called The Buffet. It was so tastey! We stayed at the TI and were really impressed by them. Glad you two had fun.


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