Pride of America


As most of you know, Andy is working as a Chef with Norwegian Cruise Lines.  His ship, the PRIDE OF AMERICA, sails throughout the Hawaiian Islands, docking at a different island each day.  It’s Sunday so this must be Maui – you get the idea.

He works in a restaurant is called East Meets West.  “For a taste of the exotic, you’ll find a unique array of Pan Asian cuisine as well as many authentic Asian dishes.  Located on Deck 5.  Seats 84.” 


Andy’s first contract with NCL is coming to an end, and as he has not been home since September 2006, I will be so thrilled to see him.  He now has five weeks off before he begins his second contract in May.  This next contract will be shorter at only 12 weeks, then another 5 weeks off.

I will fly in to Las Vegas next Thursday to meet up with Andy, at the company condo, where we will stay for a week of fun in the sun together.  We’ll also rent a car and drive over to St. George and visit with Lila and other friends.


The rest of Andy’s time off will be spend between Olympia and Canada before he flies off to Hawaii again. How fun is all that?


6 responses to this post.

  1. It must feel like he is back on Guam…only nicer. :P


  2. What an awesome job! Sounds like a great cruise.


  3. I think I’d get sea sick.


  4. Such a fun, eh! Sounds like you guys will have a great time while he is off. So many fun adventures.


  5. And you’re off on more adventures! I have still never been to Vegas. Someday….


  6. I am so jealous I would love CONSTANT fun in the sun. I dont like the cold.
    That would be such a cool job. I am sure you meet tons of fascinating people.


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