! Spring Has Sprung !

I love my senior citizen garden apartment here in West Olympia.  It is a fourplex with units A-B-C-D.  I live in the bottom left.  The beautiful thing about living in a lower unit is that I have a courtyard that is all mine.  It is so nice to work in this lovely space, and now that I am retired I am especially thinking of more wonderful things to do in the yard. 


This time of year it is absolutely gorgeous.  We are having wonderfully warm weather, enough so that the rhododendrons and other perennials are starting to show their heads after a long Winter nap. 


My yard has azaleas, rhodies, hydrangas, bleeding hearts, mums, columbines, hostas and several others that come up year after year.  My rhubarb is already up 18″.  In the barrel is my herb garden, so I have a small variety of fresh herbs year round.  This is my third year living here and the beautiful blooms are a real treat to enjoy annually. 


You can’t see the patio, but there is a glimpse of the green turf in one of the pictures.  There is also a good sized storage shed at one end of the patio.  The upstairs apartment has a balcony which forms the cover for my patio and gives me lots of Summer shade.


That’s Jasmine, my sweet cream colored cat, outside enjoying the sunshine. 


4 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely garden. So great about having the courtyard all to yourself…and your cat!


  2. Such a pretty garden. It just proves you don’t need a lot of space to have a beautiful yard!


  3. Such beautiful flowers. It already looks great. I will be interested to see what fun plans you have for your courtyard.


  4. Ok, I am officially jealous of your rhubarb! I keep saying “next year” and then either I am having a baby, or we are planning to move, or something. I just need to forget the complications and just plant the dang rhubarb!


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