Home From Iraq




Happily my son, Bob (right), has returned safely from his deployment in Iraq.  He is now at home with his family on the Navy base in Yokusuka, Japan.  What a wonderful homecoming!

Bob received the “Defense Meritorious Service Medal” in a ceremony prior to his departure from Iraq.  Such a distinguished honor! 

Here are the details surrounding this prestigious medal:

“The Defense Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to those members of the United States Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service or achievement while assigned to a joint activity. The DMSM is usually awarded to those serving in leadership positions and performing exceptionally outstanding work.

The medal is one and one-half inches in diameter overall, consisting of a circular wreath of laurel tied with a ribbon at the base; in the center is a pentagon shape, superimposed over the pentagon is an American eagle with wings upraised and overlapping the wreath, standing on the bottom edge of the pentagon. On the reverse the medal has the inscription, “Defense Meritorious Service” in three horizontal lines; and around the bottom are the words, “United States of America,” with space between for engraving the recipient’s name. ”

Bob’s next assignments take up the whole Summer.  Here is the rundown in his own words . . .

“For 12 weeks this summer, an Amphib Ship, the USS Peleliu (http://www.peleliu.navy.mil/), loaded with Seabees (http://www.seabee.navy.mil/) will make five port calls in SE Asia of two weeks each and perform humanitarian construction projects.

They had a call out for Civil Engineer Lieutenants to be liaisons at each of the locations. I volunteered and got selected to spend 16 May – 19 July in Manila, Philippines. I will work out of the US Embassy and make trips out to the two project locations in southern islands of the Philippines, closer to Malaysia than Manila. The locations are Tawi Tawi and Cotabato.”

Bob’s Summer 2007 Itinerary:
From Baghdad to Kuwait and home to Japan.  Then off to Heidelberg, Germany, back to Japan, then on to Hawaii for training.  Off to Manila, Philippines, then Zamboanga, Philippines, then Hawaii again and home to Japan.  Finally Bob’s new assignment at Port Huename, California by August.  Whirlwind!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Bob, we are so glad that your done safe and sound! Congrats on the recognition for your service.


  2. So does this mean that the Bob in Iraq blog is done? Will there be more updates on it from his other assignments?


  3. Just don’t know exactly what the future of Bob’s blog
    will be. From what Bob told me a while back, he is
    going to complete the whole adventure and then leave
    it for posterity. Stay tuned.


  4. Bob, I have been dying to hear the end of your Iraq adventure. I’ll keep checking back.


  5. Bob, glad it all went so well! Congratulations and we are so proud of you and your service!


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