My New Eyebrows

As my sister, Lorayne, will attest, my eyebrows have been the bane of my existence.  I used to have lovely eyebrows as a teenager and Lorayne kept mine looking really nice.  I would lay my head on her lap and she would pluck the stragglers out and make me gorgeous again. 

Then I grew up and left my eyebrow maintenance safety net.  I began going to have my eyebrows cleaned up and waxed off.  Unfortunately over the years of waxing, using different technicians, my eyebrows grew oddly shaped, thick and thin, up and down, even and uneven, and never really as attractive as they were or should have been.  And then the coarse white hairs started spronging out from everywhere!  Time for drastic measures.

And ever since my friend, Dena Rae and my niece, Lorelei, got their eyebrows done years ago, I have wanted to do it too.  Really didn’t have the time, the money or the courage . . . until now.


I searched, interviewed, and waffled back and forth, until I found just the right talented artist to do them.  (At least I hope this is the case.)  Here is DAY ONE of my new eyebrows, just freshly tattooed.  Of course, I will post the “after” picture as soon as all the scabs are off and the tranformation has been completed.  I have been told that they will not be this thick or this dark.  Time will tell for sure.

Also, to celebrate my retirement I got my hair cut off real short, like Dame Judi Dench, (see picture of Judi below, that’s not me).  I have silver gray hair now, not blond anymore. 


Furthermore, I recently lost a lot of weight and am working on getting the remainder of the pounds off.  I have a long way to go to re-invent myself, but I am continuing on until I fly out of my cocoon as a sparkling “senior citizen” butterfly.  Never too late!


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  1. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Thursday, April 5, 2007 at 10:43 am

    Holy Cow! I have tattoos, and WOULD NEVER get my eyebrows done. You are so brave! They look amazing!


  2. Way to go Auntie. It really is never too late. I can wait to see the complete transformation. I love my cosmetic tattooing. I has changed my life and I’m sure you’ll love it too. I’ve never regretted it ever and have recommended it to a lot of people. You’ve picked a beautiful blog theme. I really love it! It’s a good match to your personality too :)


  3. Hi dolly,
    You are wonderful and I wish I was as clever and creative as you are! Thank you, thank you for being such a good example and giver of wise council. I love you!


  4. So fun! I can’t wait to see a picture of your hair. Did you have someone’s hand to hold while you were getting your eyebrows done?


  5. Actually Heidi it didn’t hurt at all. The technician numbed
    the area and started right in. Took about an hour for each
    side. Once the freezing wore off I had no discomfort at all.
    I was pleasantly surprised. Of course once the scabs began
    drying my eyebrows itched like crazy and I couldn’t scratch,
    but other than that it has been totally fine.


  6. I can hardly wait to see the new you. I can’t even picture you with short hair, yet somehow, it seems very…you! Yay!


  7. I am dying to see pictures of the new you! New hair AND new eyebrows!


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